Good condition small concrete road, but steep at the end.
    Hin Wong Bay are located on the east coast of Koh Tao, this is a large bay srrrounded by boulders. There is a lot to see here snorkelling and you cluld spend and entire day here exploring the bay. There are several underwater pinnacles covered in fertile coral, anemones and many kinds of fish can be seen here. Due to the rock fromations it is difficult to walk around the bay. so it's good idea to rent a kayak to get around. Go across to the area in front of the beach on the south side of the bay, it's one of the best snorkelling spots on the island. The water here is incredibly clear and you may be lucky enough to see great schools of sardines being chased by hungry trevally in water less than a metre deep. Another great place here for snorkelling is a point in thee north of the bay . Again, there is lots of well preserved coral and abundant marine life. 
    Hin Wong Bay is a quiet geraway and you can get here by road or boat. If you fell like waling, it takes about an hour from the junction at Sairee....Koh Tao Perfect Blog

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